Sneaky Sasquatch is one of the hottest games on the Apple Arcade currently. After going a while without an update, the game has since added a slew of new things to do. This includes a brand new storyline where you try to learn the "secret plans" of a guy who wants to turn the park Sasquatch and his friends call home, into a bunch of condos (remember that guy?). 

This new storyline added an entirely new section to the game. A city area where you can explore and check different things and eventually, score a job at the office building to help you achieve your goal of learning the plans. But, more things were added to this already deep mobile game. 

Both the city and park have some new activities to keep you busy in this virtual playground while there is also another huge addition. With most of the attention centered around the city, the park now gets a little love once again. So, with so many new things to do, here are a few cool things you should check out.