Global Spy is a newly released international espionage sim where you'll work to track down secret items and elusive spies. These guys won't come easy, so you'll have to use all available intel to find out where they're hiding and catch them before they make their escape.

The game is unique in terms of how it plays and what it demands from its players, so we've put together a small list of both beginner and advanced tips to help you play like a master spy.

Beginner tips

Your goal in every level is to capture all objectives before the timer hits zero. To do this, you'll have to act on recent sightings of the target while waiting for more concrete info to arrive. Exploring at random is a recipe for disaster, so every one of your trips needs to be worthwhile and necessary. If you waste too much time, your target will make their escape. This is all easier said than done, however.

One thing you'll need to do is keep track of when your current objectives appear in the Spy Intelligence. This can change quite rapidly at times, so be sure to keep an eye out for any updates.

One of the game's biggest challenges is the need to know the geographical relationships between cities. This is because you'll need to plan the most efficient route to your objective's location, and while the in-game map can help you out in this regard, geography whizzes will still have a sizeable advantage.

Those with a good memory will also enjoy some success. For example, you might receive a report that an item roughly matching your item's description has been spotted, but remembering what you're looking for and avoiding any potential dead ends can save you a lot of time.

Not all objectives are items – some have a nasty habit of fleeing the country when they realise you're on their tail. Spies can and will jump to neighbouring cities whenever they can, which is another reason to act as swiftly as possible.

If the Spy Intelligence doesn't currently have anything to report on your targets, you'd be wise to systematically explore one continent at a time. This can allow you to rule out areas and narrow down your search area.

Becoming familiar with the faces and names of each spy can also be beneficial. Doing so will cut down on the amount of time you spend reading reports or checking their profiles.

Advanced tips

Now for some more advanced tips and tricks. First off, even if you know all of your objectives from the get-go, it's always best to work on tracking down one spy and one secret item at a time. If you happen to discover where the third item is hiding, be sure to make a note of its location and return to it once you've captured the spy. Again, this is because items do not move, but spies do.

That said, spies won't start to flee until you're on level 5. If they do manage to reach a neighbouring city, you need to be fast and efficient to check every adjacent city. To make matters trickier, you'll also eventually be asked to find a key to unlock secret items. Thankfully, you'll be told where the key can be found, but be careful not to forget where the secret item is hidden.

If you're in the mood for an innovative and layered spy sim, you'll find Global Spy available for download right now as a free-to-play game from both Google Play and the App Store.