Golden Tee, even after all of these years has remained to have a passionate, cult following. And now, with Golden Tee Mobile, many gamers who have never played the game, get a chance to experience it. Normally, the game is only playable via sports bars and arcades unless you're lucky enough to own a home edition of the game. 

But the mobile release makes the legendary video game accessible for everyone which is nice. As with all other versions of the game, you'll be able to create a golfer and take him or her to the links. You can play in contests, challenges, or campaign mode. 

And added a few months ago, you can now play against other golfers online in the head-to-head mode. So it's a pretty meaty golf game for being totally free. And the iconic trackball control is there too, but instead, you swipe down then up on your phone screen. The gameplay is versatile, so we give you a few ways you can approach the course the next time you tee it up. 

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