A few weeks back we shared some details about Firefly Studio's upcoming co-operative city builder, Romans: Age of Caesar. Now, the developers have provided more information about what to expect fro the Senate Endgame aspects of the game alongside an overhauled world map and combat systems.

If you prefer to digest your information in video form, you can check out the two embedded videos below which go into detail about both the Senate Endgame and Combat updates. If you'd rather read, I'll provide a little summary of what you can expect from these features in Romans: Age of Caesar.

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According to Firefly Studios, the Senate Endgame is where the most dedicated of players will look to operate, as they try to rise through the political ranks and ultimately become the Roman emperor. To achieve this will take a mixture of tactical co-operation and cunning. As players move through the senate imperial points will be raised allowing you to be far more influential in the game through capturing territories and being able to import more.

To move through the senate in the first place will require power which can be gained by pledging your allegiance to one of the Roman Gods such as Mars or Jupiter. These Gods will be active on different days and you won't be able to pledge allegiance to all of them, so there will be periods where you will have less power so you'll have to make your moves during periods where the active deity is one you have high standing with.

Beyond that, you will also need to make selective alliances with other players as it will be very difficult to rise to the top alone. Although, at some point, you can expect that they will betray you since everyone wants to become emperor. However, there's a long fall from the top and your reign as an emperor may only be brief.

On the combat side of things, it has been updated significantly since the game first entered development. This also includes a few changes to the world map which now has new sprites, a better camera that takes a few cues from Google Earth and just generally looks closer to a finished product than it did before.

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A vast majority of the combat players will be engaging in will be in Barbarian Scourge so a few additional tactical powers have been implemented. This includes Sabotage will provide ranged attacks from both buildings and units. Meanwhile, Tactical Deployment has been split into deployment types such as infantry and cavalry to give more control over your tactics.

To help with developing your strategies, there is now also the option to look at your unit's utility in more depth. This will include information such as their special abilities, DPS and hit points. This has all been in the game previously but now you can view the information for the first time.

Romans: Age of Caesar will be available on the App Store and Google Play at some stage in 2021, with an open beta on PC planned to take place before the end of the year. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Also, you can sign up on their official website to register your interest in taking part in the open Alpha today.

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