Last week, as part of our many exclusive reveals during our inaugural LaunchPad event, we unveiled a first look at the next expansion for mobile soulslike Pascal's Wager. Now, it's been revealed that The Tides of Oblivion DLC will release on August 20th, so we've just under a month to wait.

The Tides of Oblivion will be priced at $2.99 and will give players a new area to explore called Ichthyosauria. Here, they'll find a plethora of new characters to chat with and complete quests for. Of course, there will be a host of new enemies to do battle with too.

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It'll be an entirely different setting to the one players may have become accustomed to in Solas, though it'll still be as dark and dreary as you might expect. The enemies you encounter will share similarities with various aquatic creatures but will look infinitely more nightmarish. Which is what we like in our soulslike games, right?

Players will also be able to take control of a new character called Jerold, who originally hails from Ichthyosauria and wants to save it from the nightmare it finds itself trapped within. Jerold is a trained swordsman so knows his way around a fight, although the developers say that players will need to take some time to learn his different movements before slicing down foes with ease.

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You can check out some footage from the upcoming expansion to Pascal's Wager in the embedded videos above. There, you'll catch a glimpse of what the environment and enemies look like alongside seeing new playable character Jerold in action.

Pascal's Wager is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that is currently available for $3.99.

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