One of my favourite reveals from last week's Pocket Gamer LaunchPad was the confirmation that zombie-survival-but-also-you're-a-parent title Undying would be coming to mobile devices over the next twelve months.

I've been enamoured with the game since I first spotted it a few years back while at Gamescom in 2018. The game was being showcased on the Giant Games stand, where they were also demoing Night of the Full Moon, Pascal's Wager, Heterotopias and Project Dunk. The Undying booth really stood out from the rest due to how heavily the imagery played on the relationship between protagonists Anling and Cody.

It all starts out with Anling being bitten, infected by one of the many undead that now wanders the world. For Anling it is no longer about getting away from the undead to create a new life, and a new society, it is instead about keeping her son, Cody, safe so that he can survive when she is gone. She'll do that by not only scavenging, crafting and defending Cody but by teaching him how to survive himself. 

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While the overall subject matter is dark, it's that hope - similar to Lee & Clementine's story in the later episodes of Telltale's The Walking Dead Season One - of preparing somebody to outlast all of the horrors, that really pulled me in. 

Anyway, I'm sure you already know that I really like the idea of the game. If you're a little intrigued about it too then I've got some great news for you. Developers Vanimals, and publisher Systone Games, are running a beta test for the PC version of the game in early August, and you can sign up for the beta through this form. Now - of course, this is a PC beta rather than a mobile one - which might not be ideal for all of you, but don't worry, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for a mobile, beta-testing opportunity in the months running up to Undying's full release.

Undying will be releasing for PC & Nintendo Switch platforms, as well as Playstation and Xbox platforms, in early 2021, with mobile versions to follow later in the year.

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