Lure is one of the newest games on the App Store and it was showcased at our first ever LaunchPad event over the weekend. It's a fun, colorful game that is based on classic arcade-like experiences. It will quickly remind you of a game like Asteroids when you look at the design.

Its beautiful interface pops out, and it also is a game that can provide a bit of a challenge at times. You are an arrow and you have evil arrows chasing you around a big circle. Your goal is to lure the baddies towards orange, meteor-like circle to destroy it (hence the name "Lure").

It can be tricky at times as you need to outwit your opponent. That said, it's really a fun, solid game that takes you back in time a bit, but with a beautiful modern layout. We give you some tips on how to stay alive, and to bring the bad arrow to its knees.