Popular mobile MMORPG MU Origin is celebrating its fourth birthday, having gone live back in 2016, and it’s sure to be a happy anniversary for its legion of players. Developer Webzen is marking the occasion with a bumper content update and a special commemorative event.

Already live on iOS and Android, Update 14.0 adds all-new content to the game. Headlining the add-on is the Nobility System, which grants players access to stronger Reverse effects. This can be unlocked after you reach Reverse level 30 and is found within the ‘My Character’ menu.

Players will automatically receive the Nobility Class after they unlock the new content. There are nine classes in total, ranging from Novice to Emperor, all of which can be enhanced 10 times. As you progress through these classes, you will level up your Nobility Skill and unlock new dungeons.

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There are nine Nobility Dungeons to work through, with respawning boss monsters to pit your skills against on the way. Players can tackle them solo or in a party, earning Bounty Rewards on success. The player or party who deals the most damage during boss battles will also earn Drop Rewards.

MU Origin’s latest update comes with a host of other new features, including special Nobility-themed equipment and dozens of under-the-hood improvements. The new content will help put players in good stead for the forthcoming anniversary event.

The birthday celebrations will take place between 25th July and 2nd August. Players who log in during this period will receive a special fourth anniversary wing costume, title, footprint and accessory, with additional rewards dished out at 9pm on each day. Moreover, users will have the chance to improve equipment up to level 20 enhancement and earn extra bonuses by defeating monsters.

MU Origin’s update 14.0 is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play, so you can have it locked and loaded before the anniversary celebrations begin.

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