Hunter: Master of Arrows is a solid, pick up and play kind of action game. You take control of an archer and go through waves of enemies. With the power of your bow & arrows, make mincemeat of your foes. It's a game that is similar to Archero with some differences. 

But it's a fun game if you want an arcade kind of shoot 'em up experience, but with bow & arrows. The goal really is just to advance and go from level to level. You'll deal with all sorts of enemies who will fire their share of projectiles. Then, in the end, the boss awaits. 

There are multiple bosses in the game. The more levels you beat, the more challenging it will get. This, of course also includes the bosses. As quick-paced as the game is, it's more than just all brawn. Awareness is required as well. We give you a few tips to get you firing those sharp, pointy arrows.