Save The Girl! is exactly what the title says it is. You indeed have to save a girl, and I don't mean like Jumpman (who would go on to become Mario) trying to save the girl in Donkey Kong. This is more about choice, and it's a pretty funny game. You've probably seen ads for this game before too, so it may seem familiar. One of the cool things about doing these tips stories is that they can introduce you to new games while you learn about them. 

The game is extremely straightforward. All you need to do is choose the right option when the woman is faced with a dangerous scenario. Choose the right option to have her escape. There are usually only two options, but on occasion, you will see a third option. This will require you to watch an ad to unlock it, however. 

There are a variety of tough situations that the poor woman finds herself in but some good old fashioned wits will have her break free. And don't worry if you fail, you'll just restart the level again. It's really a casual kind of experience so no tips are needed here. Instead, we'll give you a few hints on what things you can do in the game.