Darts of Fury let you live out your dreams of becoming a professional darts player (sort of). This is truly one of the better darts games out there with solid gameplay and physics. It's a multiplayer-only experience where you battle players from around the world.

Each match will take place in a cool looking arena, giving you an epic setting. The games are rapid-fire, so they are nice and quick. This is excellent if you want to get your darts fix without taking up too much of your time. And one thing that we do enjoy is convenience, and that's what you get here with this darts experience.

You'll be rewarded for your efforts too. It's pretty similar to many other quick play games such as Golf Clash. You play a game against a player at random. Play well enough and you'll advance to a higher tier. We give you a few things to remember the next time you fire up the game.