Dark Days: Zombie Survival is probably one of the deepest zombie games on mobile. In a pretty big world, you find yourself waking up, somehow still alive, as a mutant approaches you, ready to eat your brain. Suddenly, a gunshot kills the creature, seemingly out of nowhere.

It turns out that an odd girl is the one who takes it out. She wears a mask and has a hat with bunny ears. She asks you what color her ears are just to make sure you're still a human. From there, you create a weapon and take out another mutant.

And finally, a huge zombie comes walking towards your direction. The girl tells you to go into a robot with a turret on it to take out the beast. After that, your journey officially begins as you make yourself at home at the girl's base. You will be able to slash, shoot, and build your way to survival just like in some of your other favorite apocalypse games. We give you some simple tips to remember when you enter this zombie-filled world.