Hero Rescue is a game that will look extremely familiar to you. You've seen it somewhere, but just can't quite put a finger on it. You've likely seen those advertisements online featuring a game where you need to save a person or fish by pulling the correct pins and opening the right paths.

Ah, did that jot your memory? Well, with those ads, the games normally don't involve pulling hooks and saving people at all, but instead are about garden management for example. However, Hero Rescue is an actual game that features those world-famous hooks.

Yes, you can actually play the hero by pulling the hooks. Hero Rescue is a strategic game where you need to think carefully before making your next move. Think of in a weird way like playing chess or checkers against yourself. You need to lead a young hero to riches or lead him to save a princess in each of the levels by pulling the hooks. We'll give you a couple of simple things to try as you embark on your escape tour.