NetEase's incredibly popular battle royale, Rules of Survival, is set to host a celebration event for its two and a half year anniversary. Yes, that's right, games are apparently now commemorating half birthdays alongside their usual yearly events.

This event is set to kick off on 24th June and will be called 624 Rush Hour. Simply by logging on throughout the duration of the event, players will be able to net themselves various Anniversary-exclusive rewards such as Adv. Supply Coupon and an Avatar Frame. There will also be rewards on offer for players who successfully invite others back to the game.

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Rules of Survival will also see the introduction of Trains and Drones as props in an attempt to mix up the gameplay a bit. Trains will travel around set routes on the map and players are free to hop on and off them, battling on the roof or within the carriages themselves.

It's also equipped with a mounted heavy machine gun that has unlimited ammo, making it a great objective to claim for your team at the cost of a lot of attention. Alongside heavy weaponry, the train will also be home to a Respawn Pod, making reviving one of your fallen teammates a possibility if you can get there.

The Drone meanwhile, can be controlled by players who will be able to make use of its different features. It comes equipped with a machine gun for dealing damage from range and the ability to blow itself up, which could do devastating damage to multiple enemies if timed correctly.

Finally, players will also gain a piece of equipment during the event called 'The Scroll'. This magical parchment will give players a variety of gifts each time they find another that will supposedly be useful throughout the Half-Year Anniversary event.

Rules of Survival is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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