NullStar is a game that hops in the time machine and takes you back to simpler times. A time where you might be trying to shoot for a high score on your favorite arcade machine while you wait for your pizza at the shop or using every quarter you can at your local standalone arcade.

This game is a retro endless runner where the goal is pretty simple. It's all about running and shooting. So "run n' gun" essentially. It supposedly takes place within a computer but has an interstellar like vibe. The main character has the sudden urge to run and he can't figure out why thus your journey begins.

NullStar has received a ton of attention, but it is a fun classic style game with an immensely satisfying jumping feature. So you can see this article as being a bit of an introduction to the game while we give you some tips. The controls are simple but the challenge varies, so we'll give you some notes to help you out.