Infinity Ops: Sci-Fi FPS is pretty much exactly what the title indicates. It's a game that comes at you with a futuristic vibe and modern weaponry. So, a nice little blend of Call of Duty, Titainfall and Valorant - perhaps sprinkled with a bit of Overwatch.

This is a real hidden gem of a mobile shooter. Solid, fun combat, not incredibly hard to learn, and the matches are very fast-paced. It's one of the best shooters on iOS and Android without question. With different load-outs that can be unlocked, and the ability to attack in tanks, it caters to a wide range of playstyles. 

There's no real campaign to speak of; It's just good old fashioned multiplayer shooter fun. The locations are well scaled, not too big nor too small, and this leads to quick, constant combat. Since it's an FPS shooter, you might think it could be overwhelming, but luckily it isn't. That said, we'll give you some tips to have you shooting other player's lights out.