Dragon Sim Online lets you do something that you've probably always wished you could do in video games: become a dragon. You can soar through the peaceful skies (well, not so friendly for your enemies) freely in this relatively large open-world environment.

You can explore the world as you try to survive, and I was quite impressed with how extensive it is. However, as you know, being a dragon can be tough because you're almost constantly under attack due to your big, scary appearance. So naturally, human warriors will attack you if you get close to them - remember that you're a dragon as you cruise around exploring.

It's a fun game that teleports you to a world of dragons. As mentioned, we see dragons all of the time in games - such as the Elder Scrolls series - and if you've been wondering about playing the other side of the fire breath then now is the chance. Best of all, it's on your mobile device so it's portable, you can be your scaly self anywhere, anytime. Here are some tips for your wing-flapping, fire-breathing adventure.