SPHAZE is an upcoming mobile puzzler from the publisher behind the match-three hit Zombiebucket and minimalistic GYRO game. It takes the arcade action of Cut the Rope and combines it with visuals striking enough to give Monument Valley a run for its money.

With pre-registration for SPHAZE now underway on the App Store and Google Play, here’s everything you need to know about SUBPIXELS’ maze-based puzzler.

Maze running with a twist

SPHAZE is all about maze negotiation, but rather than exploring the labyrinths themselves, players must twist and drag their way through a series of puzzles so a bunch of energetic robots called the RoBeep can travel safely through.

In case you haven’t already guessed from the aforementioned robots, the game includes sci-fi and fantasy elements, playing out across four unique worlds which offer over two hours of gameplay over the base levels. After you’ve completed them, a set of expert mazes will be unlocked.

While there are plenty of challenges on offer, SPHAZE has been designed with accessibility in mind. It’s based entirely around minimalist twist and drag mechanics so anyone can get involved and play through to completion. If you get stuck at any point, the game will even offer you a helping hand.

Polished presentation

SUBPIXELS cites the Monument Valley series as the visual inspiration for SPHAZE, and it’s easy to see why. The game sports an eye-catching art style, with minimalist 3D designs offset against stunning, hand-crafted backdrops.

Players will encounter striking environments along the way, too, from lava-filled volcanoes to rocky valleys and idyllic lakes, plus the sci-fi and fantasy elements only add to SPHAZE’s Unity engine-powered graphical appeal.

Pricing and in-app purchases

SPHAZE is a premium game that can be played with no additional payments beyond the upfront cost. That will be $4.99 on iOS and $1.99 on Android upon release, as the Google Play edition will initially launch in beta.

SUBPIXELS is being fully transparent about the inclusion of in-app purchases and ads. There will be a ‘pay-to-cheat’ system that allows players to speed up their progress in exchange for some extra cash, though this is entirely optional, as they believe that paid cheats (inside gaming magazines) exist from the beginning.

How to pre-register

Pre-registration for SPHAZE is now underway on iOS and Android and the game will be available to download on 2nd July. Players who buy the game for Apple devices during the advanced purchases period will be gifted with additional credits that can be exchanged for tips and a unique visual mode.

You can pre-register for the game now by heading over to its page on the App Store and Google Play, or check out its official website for more information.