Wargaming's World of Tanks Blitz is currently celebrating its 6th anniversary. To mark the occasion players will find the game has a new look alongside some additional tanks and a limited-time game mode to play.

Today the game has been updated to version 7.0. This introduces several graphical improvements to the game including gun recoil, dynamic shadows and track marks will remain on the ground. Additionally, there will be different damage marks depending on the type of shell you're using alongside upgraded particle and waterline effects.

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Discussing the changes Andrey Ryabovol, World of Tanks Blitz Product Director said: “With 137m downloads and over 27,000 different devices to support, it’s imperative that everyone can still enjoy the game after we make significant updates”

He added: “So, we added a graphical customization menu. This way players are free to choose what is turned on or off, and it gives them a greater control over their Blitz experience. We hope all our players enjoy the birthday celebrations and good luck on the battlefield!”

Elsewhere, three high-tier British tanks will become available in the game. They include:

  • FV 301, Tier VIII
  • Vickers Cruiser, Tier IX
  • Vickers Light 105, Tier X

There will also be a birthday event that will see players hunting down a tank called the P.43/06 Anniversario, which will be a Tier VI. This event will run between 19th and 29th June and those who manage to complete it will get a unique birthday player profile.

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Finally, there will be a game mode that will release on 9th July called Skirmish. This will see two teams of five battling it out on smaller maps, which Wargaming say will lead to intense and dynamic confrontations.

World of Tanks Blitz is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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