The Pinball Wizard is one of the wackiest pinball games you'll ever play. It's essentially like an RPG, dungeon crawler and pinball all put together and morphed into something that's a whole lot of fun. You take on the role of a young wizard whose goal is to, rather simply, reach the top of a tower.

You're trying to reach the top to fulfil your destiny as a grand wizard. Many have attempted to climb the towers, but all have failed. Here's your chance, as an apprentice, to show the world what you're really made of, through the power of pinball.

So basically, you launch your wizard into a room, which plays like a pinball machine and you, the wizard, are the ball. So yes, our hero will get smacked about quite a bit by the flippers. You will be able to take out enemies and collect items while you're hitting the wizard. We give you some tips to help you with your dungeon-crawling pinball adventure.