If you've ever felt belittled by a supervisor or irritated by a co-worker, Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin might just have the game for you. First announced late last year, Say No! More is a cathartic power fantasy about learning to say "no" in the most satisfying ways possible.

The game has now received a new trailer that shows off some of the story and wild situations you'll find yourself in. The general idea is that you're an intern surrounded by seemingly some of the most testing colleagues imaginable.

You'll start out being bossed around and feeling a bit crap, but you'll soon stumble upon a dusty cassette tape that contains info on how to refuse silly requests or freak your co-workers out by laughing in their annoying faces.

A lot of the fun comes from breaking the rules of the office environment and seeing how the AI reacts. As you progress, you'll find new cassettes that contain info on fresh powers and upgrades, hopefully allowing the gameplay to remain interesting for longer.

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From the voice acting to the visual presentation, its sense of style really sells the absurdity of its central premise and appears to allow for plenty of silly moments. It also helps that you can customise your character for maximum comedic effect.

Say No! More is currently expected to launch for iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. You can also wishlist it now over on Steam.

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