Wordscapes is, quietly, one of the most popular games on mobile. It has received over 500,000 reviews on the App Store and over 800,000 on Google Play, with the majority of the reviews rating it with a perfect five stars. There's a good reason for this. 

For one, it puts your brain to the test to help you see if you figure out which words go where, like a crossword puzzle. And although it's nice to punch things, slash things and score points, sometimes, a great game is one that requires some thinking. 
On top of the brain training, it's just a really relaxing and soothing experience overall. You have plenty of beautiful backgrounds to look at as you play. And whether you're dealing with stress or just want to chill out and take a break, this game is perfect for you. Breathe deep and read on as we give you a few little hints for your word hunt.