Shooting Balls 3D is a casual game that has a pretty satisfying goal: Fire your cannon at towers of blocks, and knock down every single one. This is a solid game if you not only want to pass some time on your iPhone or Android but also want to ease off some of that daily tension too.

The physics of the ball are smooth as silk, making the shots feel more realistic. Furthermore, the movement of the blocks feels great. Together this makes knocking them off of the tables twice as nice. These two simple things can make the game pretty hard to put down at times.

No, it's not going to wow you with intense gameplay and an awe-inspiring story (hey who knows, maybe the blocks have a story to tell). It is one of the simplest forms of gameplay, and it does its job quite well. It's a well-rounded game if you just want to take a little break and enjoy a smaller gaming experience.

With that said, here a few simple tips to keep in mind, especially as you progress.