Vikings II is, of course, the sequel to the original game of the same name, and it's as rapid-fire as ever. Blending in some cool visuals with fun, fast-paced gameplay, it's a quality shoot 'em up experience but with only bows & arrows. Yes, although Vikings are known for using axes this game is all about firing arrows. 

So really, if you like Vikings and archery, then this is a fun game to play. And it's one of those games where you can play with one hand - as your character moves on her own. Although the gameplay is pretty simple to pick up, it can be tricky to get the best score possible. 

But once you get it down, you'll see that Vikings II can be a really addictive game. It is one of the perfect quick-playing, on the go type of games. Here we'll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your archery journey.