Another month, another bunch of fresh new creatures for us to imprison in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I can't help it, it's my British blood, I see an uncharted island and I decide to take all of the natural inhabitants captive for my own amusement.

Whether you're in the North of South hemisphere, this month has plenty of brand new creatures for you to enjoy, and oddly enough, in the Southern hemisphere they are losing zero bugs this month. Zero! Well, at least that's a relief.

In the North you should be getting ready to go fishing, as we have loads of fish to be, well, fished up and served up, and the South are finally getting the Oarfish. Don't get jealous, now.

It seems like very soon we will see those living on Southern islands will be trying to take a trip up North to catch sharks now…

Take a look below for our full lists of creatures coming and going this month, and make sure to take a look at our full ACNH bug and fish list guides to find out where to catch them and when.

If you need help finding any of the fish or bugs we've listed, check out our full Animal Crossing: New Horizons list of fish and list of bugs for full information on where you can find them, and at what time of day.