Pascal's Wager, the popular mobile soulslike, has gone on sale just in time for the release of its major expansion, Deep into the Dark Mist. For a limited time only, the iOS version is priced at $3.99. Not bad at all for what has proved to be one of the most acclaimed mobile games of the year so far.

The Dark Mist mode tasks you with venturing into suffocating fog in the hopes of uncovering treasure and well-hidden secrets. And, naturally, you won't be alone in there, with the dense fog housing all manner of foul creatures.

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The sight of a treasure chest might be a pleasant one, but you'll need to exercise caution when in the mist, as there's a good chance that they cannot be trusted. Remain on your toes at all times and you might just make it out in one piece.

The mysterious phantom vase allows you to summon a visitor into your world. Once again, though, you need to be cautious when summoning – you never know who might turn up.

If you heed this advice and somehow manage to maintain your sanity while building your obsession gauge, a boss fight will trigger. Taking down this deadliest of foes is the only way to make your escape and claim your trophy.

All you'll need to do to get involved is complete the vanilla game's Katib chapter, then purchase the mist lamp from Glenn's owl in the carriage. If you're already into New Game Plus mode, you can buy the mist lamp from the get-go.

Pascal's Wager is available for purchase now as a premium game from over on the App Store. Its Android port is currently expected to launch on June 25th.

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