Hero Cantare is the latest game from Kong Bak Pao, and it fuses a bunch of Korean webtoons that have become incredibly popular recently. Heard of Tower of God? How about God of High School, or Hardcore Leveling Warrior?

All of those franchises are of the most famous Korean webtoons - or webcomics - and after some recent anime adaptations, we now have a fresh mobile gacha RPG to sink our teeth into.

And of course, as with all gacha RPGs, we're asking what characters we should put into our team. Well, that's exactly what we're here to help with, as we've put together a full list of every single Hero character in the game, with Villains to be added later on.

All of the Heroes listed here have their stats maxed out at level 99, so you can judge for yourself what units will be the most capable in the long-term. Now, look up your heroes, and cross your fingers for that lucky summon! Our full list is below...