Reky, the minimalistic puzzler from Greek developer beyondthosehills is now available for Android following its iOS release in October 2019. Developing duties have been handled by the recently prolific publisher Plug in Digital who have also released Vikings II and Pat the Dog over the last few weeks.

Reky itself is a puzzle game that's inspired by Bauhaus design where the developer has aimed to blend technical drawing with logic puzzles. It certainly looks the part, with a few touches of colour giving Reky a very stylish appearance. If you're a fan of minimalist architecture you'll probably enjoy the aesthetic on display here.

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The puzzles themselves are intended to be both simple and functional. Each level will task players with shifting the various elements found within each stage to create a path to the goal for the little black blob you're guiding. They are always made up of lines, cubes, exits and portals, so there's not too much to learn in terms of mechanics.

But as you can see in the Android and PC launch trailer above, these mechanics can potentially be mixed in several ways to make the game more challenging as you progress further. There are 96 levels to solve in total, so you can expect them to become more difficult.

The controls themselves are very straightforward, only requiring the use of one finger to direct our bouncy blob hero around the levels. The blob is capable of absorbing the colour from certain cubes that can then be transferred to others in order to open up pathways to the end of the level.

Reky is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $3.99 or your local equivalent.

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