Alter: Between Two Worlds is a stylish, soul-searching puzzle game that casts you as Ana, a young woman who heads out on a heartfelt journey through a lost desert temple. You'll work to solve puzzles and explore your fantastical surroundings while soaking in the game's rich atmosphere.

The core mechanic here is Ana's ability to switch between two parallel worlds. Controls are said to be simple and accessible, though despite its straightforward nature, you can expect the level of challenge to ramp up nicely throughout your quest. Before you know it, you'll be dealing with blocks, switches, and disappearing platforms.

Every level offers its own distinct, handcrafted look. This, alongside the game's original soundtrack, should hopefully help to keep Alter varied and interesting.

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It comes to us from developer Fivestones Games and publisher Crescent Moon Games. The latter has been behind some of the best releases of 2020 so far, including the ambitious Echoes of Aeons.

Those looking for a well-crafted puzzler will find Alter: Between Two Worlds available for download now from the App Store and Google Play as a premium game priced at $2.99. More info can be found over on the game's official site

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