In the relatively-recently released True Skate you use your fingers to skate. It is extremely similar to the Touchgrind series of games but you may be surprised at the differences.  We're writing about it because it's recently peaked in interest - and not just due to its notoriously smooth gameplay Regardless of reasons though, at the time of this writing, it was one of the top games of the week on the App Store.

It's possible that gamers are hungry for some skateboarding action since Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 are getting remastered into one big game in September. Maybe people need something to whet their appetites, and that's the beauty of mobile gaming: There are so many games for many categories, including skateboarding with games like True Skate.

It can be a tricky game at first, but you'll be surprised how quickly you can start doing tricks. You are using your fingers to make the magic happen, so it comes off as a simulation experience. Once you get the hang of it, you'll really be enjoying what is a great mobile skateboarding game. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.