Pac-Man Party Royale is one of the many cool variations of the legendary arcade game that have released over the years. What makes this one in particular so distinctive is that it has a very strong multiplayer element to it. And when you hear a word like "Royale", that has to sound all too familiar to you. 

No, this isn't a game where 100 Pac-Men jump from a battle bus or plane for ball-eating supremacy. But, it's four different colored Pac-Men duking it out in a modern version of the classic levels. The goal is to simply be the last player standing in a game. 

Whichever player wins three games wins the match. So how do you win a game? Why, by eating your opponents of course. When players get eaten, they turn into ghosts. If you become one, you can change yourself back to a Pac-Man by taking out an opponent as a ghost. If you end up being the only normal player left, then you win. 

Here are some things to take note of in your match.