Oceanhorn 2, Cornfox and Bros' hugely popular adventure game, is set to receive a sizable overhaul with the release of its Golden Edition update. This, according to the developer, is the game's biggest update yet, and we've got a full rundown of everything it's set to introduce.

There are many noteworthy additions and improvements to discuss, so I've split the info into handy little sections for your reading pleasure. 

Quality of life improvements

Quality of life improvements abound here, with one major addition for players using higher-end devices: a 60 FPS mode. This can be easily activated from within the options menu.

Speaking of menus, they'll be made clearer than before, offering a more obvious way to assign Shards. In fact, the game in general will look better post-update, with improved animations across the board.

Some accessibility features are also set to arrive with the update, including additional in-game text and tutorial info.

Combat and level design improvements

Certain game mechanics have been made easier to understand, and there will be visual indicators to help new players grasp what's happening during battle.

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Parrying enemy attacks has been tightened up, as has the overall XP progression system. General level design has been greatly improved upon in several especially problematic areas, and various cutscenes have been fleshed out. The game's ending will also be expanded on with the inclusion of some all-new scenes.

Over 100 voice lines have been recorded for the new ending and to give some extra personality to existing scenes. 

Shield of Chronos and Criminal Hunt expansions

Then there are the two new expansions: Shield of Chronos and Criminal Hunt. The former adds the titular shield, which should be familiar to fans of the original game. This allows you to deflect projectiles with ease. The expansion also includes a sizable dungeon set inside the Grand Core in the White City, with the prize at the end of it all being your new and shiny shield.  

The Criminal Hunt expansion adds one special mini-game boss fight to every region of the game. You'll be guided towards these challenging foes by a notice posted on the Knight Board in the White City. That said, there'll still be a good deal of exploration and investigation involved in tracking each of the Bandit Lords down.

Each boss is housed in their own mini-dungeon, and once defeated, the Lord will be sent packing to a special dungeon room in the White City's prison, presumably so you can visit them and gloat about your victory over their bandit buddies.

When's it out?

Phew, that was a lot. We don't yet have a firm release date for the Golden Edition update, but we do know that it's set to arrive sometime next month.

If you're yet to give Oceanhorn 2 a go, you'll find it available for download now over on the App Store. With it being an Apple Arcade exclusive, you'll of course need an active subscription to play. Those will set you back $4.99 a month or $49.99 for the year. 

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