Kartrider Rush+ is the latest racing game to hit the mobile market and is a follow-up to the original Kartrider Rush. The first was a beautiful, cartoony racer that had us reminiscing about the kart games of the past and the sequel only builds on that. From turbo boosts to awesome drifts and power-ups, there's a little bit of everything there.

And the game itself is really good. As a matter for fact, it's so good that it may even be better than Mario Kart Tour - itself a massive hit at launch. That's saying quite a bit.

It's also perfectly fitted for mobile devices. Sometimes you'll see console games branch out to mobile (and still do well), but when you see a game that focused solely on mobile you know that it may well take onboard the strengths of mobile to make a recipe for success. That's the case here, Kartrider Rush+ is easy to pick up and play, but here are some hints that can hopefully get you to really burn some rubber out there.