Puzzle & Dragons is one of the biggest puzzle games in the world - it even had a Super Mario crossover, you know - and it's only natural that the popular Japanese puzzler would be a good fit for the Bleach franchise as it ramps up hype for the grand return of the anime series.

If you log into Puzzle & Dragons right now you'll find a bunch of Bleach characters from Karakura town and the Soul Society have ran on up and started causing trouble. You'll be able to earn all of these characters for yourself though, and there are some very rare and unique characters to grab while the even is running.

Admittedly, if you want a guaranteed 6* character, you'll need to pay up a fair bit of money in advance…

In this guide we're going to break down all of the characters you can find in the big Bleach crossover event, in order of their rarity in the game, and how much buying event characters will set you back.