It's been a few weeks since we last covered Black Desert Mobile, but Pearl Abyss' hit MMO is now back with another giant serving of fresh content. And the most exciting new addition, for me at least, is the fan-favourite Striker class.

This master of martial arts and street combat is capable of taking down monsters of all shapes and sizes. His fighting style mixes rapid kicks with brutal hand-to-hand combat to create devastating combos. Despite his hard-hitting style, he still makes pummelling a monster's face to mush look rather elegant.

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A new level-up event has now been launched in celebration of the Striker's arrival. Here, you'll be able to earn neat rewards such as a tier 2 pet chest, boss stamp, shiny accessory chest, ancient tablet chest, and elgriffin's defence gear chest. Lots and lots of chests, basically.

On top of all that, the Field of Valour makes its triumphant return today. This is a high-level battlefield where parties of five intrepid adventurers duke it out in 30-minute fights against hordes of monsters. All party members will then share their hard-earned rewards, which may include tons of silver, black stones, and ancient gold coins.

Finally, there have been some changes made to the way that hot time works. It's been itemised, meaning you can activate the giant 300% EXP boost whenever you fancy. This will give you way more control over the levelling up process, and I'm sure smart players will find ways to maximise their EXP rewards by triggering the buff at the optimal moment.

Black Desert Mobile is now available for download as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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