Golf Clash is a game you're probably quite familiar with. It's both highly regarded and highly promoted and, well, we know the popularity of games with the word "Clash" in them, don't we? But unlike those big brawlers, Golf Clash features rapid-fire multiplayer golf matches on mobile.

Each match is one-on-one, and you play against random players around the world. When you first start out, you'll play a couple of CPU opponents before advancing to take on real players. As you continue winning these little golfing duels you'll earn some in-game currency which you can use to better your skills and equipment.

Clever design and cool features have made it so that Golf Clash is a game that is as popular among non-golf fans as the big golf fans. For starters, the ball physics are completely on-point. This makes the experience more realistic while also catering to everyone's needs. And with each game being short and to the point it's a perfect fit for pocket gamers (see what I did there?).

Here are a few things to remember when teeing it up in Golf Clash, whether you're on the iOS or Android version.