Red Dot is an upcoming FPS that we first covered in November of last year. It's a military shooter pitched somewhere between Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, and it's heading for Android this Sunday, May 17th, and iOS near the end of June.

At launch, you can expect a selection of fast-paced PVP and single-player modes, including the standard TDM and last man standing. If you need a break from the online action, there's a sniper mode that seems somewhat reminiscent of Hitman: Sniper. Outside of combat, you'll spend your time customising your advanced arsenal of weaponry. There are also various collectable characters to take into battle.

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Following the game's beta test, Yang Soo-yeol, CEO of developer OnFace Games, said, "We have gained confidence in entering the global market through beta test, and we will continue to add contents that users want in the global market over the limits of several regional markets. We will continue to be reborn as a game that can be loved for a long time in the future."

We've got an abundance of solid shooters on mobile at the moment, with the current FPS champ of course being COD Mobile. Had it launched even a couple of years ago, Red Dot would be going up against significantly weaker competition. But as is in 2020, I'm not sure how much of a dent it can make in a market ruled by the AAA.

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All a new FPS competitor can do to put itself in the best possible position is launch in a polished state, offer a decent amount of content, and have a roadmap in place to keep folks around. And it sounds like Red Dot will have all of those bases covered when it arrives for Android on May 17th and iOS at the end of June.

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