Super Mario Run is almost exactly what it sounds like. It's an endless runner where you run and collect coins as Mario and other legendary characters. Princess Peach has invited you to a party, but of course, as soon as she does, everyone's favorite turtle villain, Bowser kidnaps her (again).

So, you know what that means. Time to save her again, but on mobile phones. You have a few different game modes to choose from, starting with Tour mode. Think of Tour as your story mode. This is where your journey to save Peach begins.

There are numerous levels to explore and the game plays a bit like a blend of classic Mario and Sonic platforming games. It's all about running and jumping your way to victory. It's one of those games that you can play with just one hand, adding to its simplicity. It's a fun game with a couple of different things to do and we'll talk about that as well as tips for your runs. Whether you are playing on the iOS version, or on the Android one, these tips should help you get going in no time.

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