April 2020, eh? It was much like March 2020 for many of us, but with a soupçon of stir-craziness stirred into the mix.

Thank goodness for the Nintendo Switch, then. The Mundy household has been kept social and competitive with online Mario Kart tournaments and Splatoon 2 bouts. It's been kept fit by Ring Fit Adventure,  and it's been kept calm by wandering through Hyrule's lush meadows and forests (I finally got around to buying the Breath of the Wild DLC).

But enough with the old. What's been new in April? Not as much as there was in March, if we're being honest. But there was still plenty of good stuff on the Nintendo eShop.

Here are our top Switch game picks for March 2020. Have you been playing anything different? Let us all know in the comments below.