Black Desert Mobile has been a huge success so far for Pearl Abyss and that's partly thanks to the consistency with which they've released updates to the game as a way to consistently provide players with new things today. The latest update introduces Merchantry to Black Desert Mobile.

This is a new trading system that will be a good opportunity for players to earn themselves large amounts of silver. Adventurers will be able to trade regional specialities that can otherwise only be obtained by visiting certain villages.

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You'll need to be set up before you'll be able to trade, however. To do this you'll need a carriage, horse and four workers from camp to help you out. The workers will be able to gain experience through accompanying you when trading and you will better rewards from trading the higher their level.

To coincide with the addition of Merchantry there will be a special event that will run from today – after scheduled maintenance – until May 12th. These events will consist of daily missions that are also designed to help you get started with Merchantry.

Elsewhere, if you're an avid PvP Black Desert Mobile player, you might be interested to know that Ramoness Season 2 of the World Championship is due to start next month, with registration open now. If you're interested in how this tournament will play out and how you can get involved, I'd advise checking out the game's official website.

If you're interested in how Pearl Abyss plans to update Black Desert Mobile you can give Cameron's recent interview with Lead Producer, Yongmin Jo a read. They discuss how the game has performed in its first 100 days and what they plan to add to the game with future updates.

Black Desert Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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