Exos Heroes originally launched in South Korea in November 2019 where it's been quite well received by players, becoming the 5th highest-grossing app since it released. Now it's heading towards a global launch for both iOS and Android, with the latter now open for pre-registration.

The game has been developed by Oozoo whilst Line Games has handled servicing duties. It's a hero collecting or gacha RPG - whichever you prefer - set in a high fantasy world. This world is made up of five kingdoms and the story follows a treasure hunter called Zeon who gets wrapped up in a murder case after the Emperor is killed and their legendary sword is stolen.

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You'll become the captain of an Airship that will allow you to freely explore the Exos Continent. Joining you aboard your ship will be a dragon called Bitru and presumably the rest of your team that will be assembled through the usual gacha mechanics.

There are over 200 heroes to collect to make up your team with, all of whom are rendered in 3D which makes for an impressive looking game. Once you've chosen your team you'll then embark on quests that will feature turn-based combat. Here you'll look to chain together your heroes' attacks and discover synergies to devastate your opponents with. 

Outside of the main story quests, there are other game modes for players to dive into. Daily dungeons, monster raids, scenario quests and PvP are all available to add more replay value to Exos Heroes and hopefully, keep players occupied.

Exos Heroes is available to pre-register now over on Google Play and will eventually be available on the App Store too. Players who decide to pre-register for the game will be given a host of in-game items when the game launches. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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