Pokemon Masters' latest update has introduced the Egg feature that was detailed in the most recent message to players. Beyond that, DeNA has also introduced another new feature called the Daily Scout and made some changes to singleplayer battles.

When you next log into Pokemon Masters - after downloading the update - you'll be faced with the original Pokemon conundrum from back in the 90s. Professor Bellis will offer you a choice of three eggs that will contain either Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

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The Eggs themselves will then hatch once you've completed 5 battles, with the game giving you an update after each one and you'll even be able to give a nickname to your new partner. Pokemon that are hatched from eggs will have an Affinity Level that can be raised to make them more powerful. To do this you will need to give them Berry Tarts.

These are currently only available in 1 and 2-star variants and can be found under the General tab in the Exchange Items shop. In future updates, they will be available in other places but for the moment that's the only way to find them.

Similarly, there will also be 3-star Berry Tarts added to the game at some stage. These egg Pokemon can also be evolved once you've hit the level requirements and have the set number of evolution materials.

Meanwhile, the update also introduces the Daily Scout. As the name implies, this will give players a mixture of items and possibly Sync Pairs from the Scout every day. There are set pairs you can get from the scout, which will change periodically, and you're not guaranteed to get a pair either. Still, it's free.

Finally, an adjustment has been made to single-player in an attempt to bring a little more tactical thinking to the game. Now, before you head into a battle you will be able to change the order your opponents will attack your team, making sure that your tanks will take the brunt of the hits, leaving your strikers free to deal damage.

Pokemon Masters is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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