World of Tanks Blitz brings the fun of the series to mobile devices and it's as chaotic as you think it is. Multiple tanks heading out into battle, pew pewing each other until they're nothing but small chunks of metal. Of course, in many war games, tanks are optional but in this game, it's all tanks all the time. 

The goal for most matches is to destroy the other team's tanks which is an easy concept to understand. Each tank has its own health meters which will go down after getting some hits on them. Although tanks aren't super fast, it doesn't mean that it will be easy to take them down. 

It's important to make sure your aim is on point while also watching your back. It's always good to a have smooth balance of offense and defense. Most of the tips today will discuss firepower which we all love, but there will be something for defense also. So here are some basic things to know to help you conquer the tank world. 

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