If you've been playing around on the Apple Arcade for a while, then you may be familiar with EarthNight by Cleaversoft. EarthNight is a runner where you run on the backs of dragons that are in space. Dragons have taken over the world and it's up to you to bring peace back to earth. 

You can choose between two protagonists before each run. You can freely pick between a man named Stanley or a girl named Sydney. Each character has their own unique abilities giving you a nice variety. Stanely has a sword and can do stab moves while Sydney can perform double jump on her runs. Think of Cleaversoft's game like Sonic, only, you're running on dragons. 

There are items that can be purchased in a shop. You can buy them by collecting water during your sessions. Many random objects are scattered throughout each dragon, and by collecting them, you'll earn liters of water. Yup, one of the earth's most important resources is also your currency. The game is beautiful, but can be a beast sometimes, so here are some tips to keep in mind when playing.