NBA 2K Mobile plays similar to its console counterparts but with some tweaks that are obviously more fitting for mobile devices. The game plays a lot like MyTEAM which is extremely popular on the console version of the games. You collect cards that can be used to improve your lineup. 

Each player has an overall rating (or PWR level) based on the type of card it is. A diamond card would be considered a highly regarded player that would look good in any lineup. Players can be earned simply by playing through the game or by purchasing packs. There packs that are regularly being added to the game and usually have a theme to them. 

For example, there was the Rainmakers pack which was dedicated to the NBA's greatest three-point shooters. Of course, when buying packs, you'll have to get lucky and hope you strike gold with a good player, just like with the console version of MyTEAM. 

Gameplay is pretty easy to pick up and play but can be slightly tricky to master. This is an area we'll focus on with these tips when you hit the court. Believe it or not, defense is actually easier to play than offense but it still takes some practice to master. Whether you're an offensive or defensive-minded player, it's important to go out there and have fun. 

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