Super Impossible Road is the over the top sequel to Impossible Road and it has many more aspects to it than the original. The first game was pretty basic in that the goal was to control a ball (or vessel) and try to keep it on the track as long as possible. The thing that's fascinating about the game is that you are allowed to cheat. 

Yes, so this means you can jump off of one side of the track to get to another. This will help you achieve a high score. Be careful, however, as jumping can result in a loss if you mistime it. You'll start hearing white noise as the screen goes blank; a signature 'game over' symbol in Impossible Road

In Super Impossible Road, it's all very similar but with many different additions and changes at the same time. Now, your vessels look more stylish and also have attributes. The tracks are also more epic, taking place in outer space. And of course, what's a racing-like game without some boost? There's that too, and with so many different things in the sequel, here are some tips to help you get comfortable.