In Golden Tee Mobile, the goal is the same as any other golf game and that's to have the lowest score possible by the end of each round. However, there are many different ways to attack the course and strategize to your advantage. 

Golden Tee as a whole is a pioneering golf game of sorts. It was one of the first esports games around when tournaments would regularly be played at bars, restaurants, and arcades around the United States. 

Known famously for its use of a trackball which you roll in order to take shots, it has since become a hit with arcade fans worldwide. The game has been called one of the greatest arcade games of all-time, and with the mobile version, players can get a feel of the real experience. 

It was also ahead of its time in turns of utilizing quirky features to give players an advantage on the course. This is one of the tips we'll discuss here to help you be the best you can be at Golden Tee Mobile. 

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