Forza Street is a fast-paced arcade racer that's headed to iOS and Android on May 5th. It seems fine; flashy and polished, but perhaps unlikely to win over fans of the Horizon or Motorsport games. Really, though, it might not need to, as there's clearly already a sizable enough player base of racing enthusiasts on mobile.

Racing through neon-lit streets at breakneck speeds will basically always be a thrill I'm happy to experience, but the problem is more with keeping me around once that initial kick wears off.

Longevity seems to be especially tricky when it comes to free-to-play racers, as their sense of progression is largely reliant on you being interested in receiving endless unlocks and rewards.

Personally, I get more fun out of feeling my skills improve rather than seeing stagnant gameplay masked by endless unlocks. Even in arcade racers, there needs to be a significant opportunity to hone your driving skills – a feat that the Horizon games regularly nail.

You can expect a roster of iconic cars to collect and upgrade as you go, ranging from muscle cars to modern supercars and beyond. Much like the Motorsport and Horizon games, there is a large focus on attention to detail when it comes to recreating these vehicles.

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According to the game's store page, the game boasts "true cinematic racing", with streamlined controls that appear similar to the recent Asphalt games. While there's a significant campaign to work your way through, Street also offers rapid-fire races for when you're out and about.

Forza Street is now available for pre-registration from over Google Play. It's set to launch for iOS and Android on May 5th. Those who give it a go within the first 30 days of release will net themselves the 2017 Ford GT. Not too shabby.

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