Dino Dungeon is a block puzzle game from Kabloop that will see players creating a path using a selection of blocks to help guide our prehistoric hero through the levels. Dino Dungeon is available now for Android with an iOS version also planned for  release in the future.

It's a very simple concept then. Each stage will have a starting position for Dino and a flag that they must reach. From there you'll have a selection of blocks to choose from that can be placed onto the level to try and guide Dino from the start to the flag at the end.

You don't have any control over the little dinosaur, instead, once you feel you've placed the blocks in the best positions you'll hit play and watch Dino wander through the level. There will multiple hazards you'll need to bear in mind such as spikes that will instantly kill Dino if they walk over them.

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Beyond simply trying to reach the end of the level there are also gems to collect. These can be used to unlock additional levels so you'll need to be grabbing those wherever possible. Of course, the game is currently in Early Access so you can expect more levels to be added over time too.

There are some typical free-to-play puzzle mechanics at play too. For instance, if you run out of suitable blocks you can spend in-game coins to refresh them. Meanwhile, there's also the option to buy bombs or additional lives to make levels easier. However, Kabloop does say that it's entirely possible to play the entire game without spending any money.

Dino Dungeon is available now over on Google Play with an iOS release also in the works for a later date. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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