Dinosaurs with guns is a premise so great that it spins the dial from cool to stupid and back again. The latest game aiming to do justice to the idea is Dino Squad, a 6v6 multiplayer shooter from War Robots developer Pixonic.

At launch, you'll have an army of 17 man-eating dinos to pick from. These guys are split into three weight categories, and they each boast their own combat styles, perks, and explosive weaponry. From velociraptors to the mighty T-Rex, there seems to be a decent variety of Cretaceous kings and queens to play as.

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Smart play should allow even the smallest of dinosaurs to take on the heavy-hitting brutes. You can race in for an upfront assault or hold back for a ranged battle. At your disposal are rocket launchers, rail guns, and more. If all else fails, it's maybe time to starting throwing around your giant tail or chomping down with those nasty gnashers.

There are several maps to play on, each offering different scenery to appreciate and deadly environmental hazards to avoid. Among the challenges you'll face are lava pits and wild rivers, and you'd be wise to use these to your advantage whenever possible.

New customisation and upgrade options will become available as you continue to progress, and anything earned during the beta will carry over into the full release, assuming you log in with your Google Play or App Store profile. Once you've given it a go, you'll get a little survey to fill out that should help Pixonic better understand what works and what doesn't.

Dino Squad can now be downloaded in beta for Android and iOS. You'll find more info over on Pixonic's official site.

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